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The short story...

Born out of a love of good vegan food, Veggie Vie was created with the vision to entice people of all walks of life to eat, drink and relax in a humble, warm and accepting atmosphere.

Our food is simple, honest and uncomplicated. Our menu is always veggie-centric. We're into low processing techniques in the kitchen and wherever possible hand made in-house over packaged and pre-bought.

Our aim is to leave you happy & satisfied, nourished & replenished and very excited about visiting us again!

Who are we? The longer story...

Veggie Vie is the baby of Manu and Monica a couple of vego & vegan foodies who met while working in a vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide - many years ago. A few years spent overseas working in (and visiting many) vego restaurants cemented their love of both meat-free hospitality and working together.


Next, back in Adelaide, came Manu's wild scheme of selling Veggie Burgers from a tricycle. It worked. Manu's burgers were known all over Adelaide city and Monica was brought in to pedal a second tricycle to manage the hungry hordes. If you're interested to see, check out Veggie Velo on Insta or facebook.

With Veggie Velo's success came the need for a bigger commercial kitchen and so our 'pop up' in Regent Arcade came about. We stayed for 6.5 years. Originally as a juice bar and transforming into Veggie Vie, we've now made the permanent move to McHenry Street in Adelaide. Just a few metres from where Veggie Velo's bike drew it's biggest crowds on Pirie Street and a few blocks from the restaurant where Manu and Monica first met, all those years ago.

What's in a name?

The name Veggie Vie comes from the English word for all things vegetable - Veggie, and the French word for life - Vie.

We're big believers in life long veganism and vegetarianism.

Our view is that avoiding eating meat, fish, dairy and eggs is better for all animals, the planet and human health.

We believe that all life on earth is interconnected and our actions, big and small, have an effect on our planet.

We believe we're all responsible to grow to do better for the earth and each other and one of the simplest ways to go about this is to think carefully about what we eat and consume.

A vegan life is a good one, and we are proud to represent this lifestyle through our restaurant.

Healthy Smoothie
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